What is LMTool?

LMTool is a new climate service to help land managers make winter decisions in Southwest UK 

What does LMTool do?

LMTool provides a three month winter weather outlook each month from the end of September to the end of March, and 14 day site specific forecasts

Who can LMTool help?

LMTool can help land managers make more informed winter decisions by providing information which can be used alongside shorter term weather forecasts 

Decision making process

3 month weather outlooks issued to land managers each month; 14 day forecasts updated every 6 hours
Outlooks considered alongside other contextual information
Immediate land
management decision
Decisions updated each month, following new forecasts...


LMTool provides seasonal winter weather forecasts (1-3 months ahead) in support of decision making on cover crop planting, choice and management.